I Know My Body!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

(Anyone remember the Cosby Show episode where Olivia used that line to try to convince/trick Cliff into believing she was growing?)

If you want to get to know your own body very intimately, do a round of IVF.

Not only have I been probed, poked and prodded countless times, but I am acutely aware of every flutter, flicker and flare.

Especially now, in the two week wait.

Running errands this evening I felt cramps.

Were these pre-period cramps? Or do I just have gas?

I felt nausea.

Was this the beginning of morning sickness? Or did I just eat something bad?

I felt a few sharp pains in my stomach. Was that the little embryo(s) biting into my lining and getting ready to stay for a nice long time?

The other big thing I have been feeling is EXTREME, OBSCENE pain in my butt/hips. The progesterone in oil shots are hurting more this time around than they ever have before. The only way I can think to describe it is this: imagine if you had a giant bruise. Now imagine that someone is punching you on that bruise from the inside, while someone else is just pushing against that bruise with all their might.

I have to believe that this will all be worth it. I have to.

Otherwise, why am I doing this?


About llipps

New mom, infertility survivor, marketer, wife, daughter and friend. I struggle to find the balance between being all things to all people and being happy with who I am. I love meeting new people, telling my stories, and hearing yours.
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