Just The Two Of Us

Monday, January 27, 2014

Shit’s about to get real. In the next 24-48 hours our lives are going to completely change.

My husband is my best friend. If you’re a friend, or even a frequent reader of my work, you’re probably thinking “duh, sing a new tune.” (But I mean seriously, did you read his post from a few days ago?)

I can’t help it. We’ve been together over 12 years. And for all those years, it’s been just the 2 of us.

No kids. Just us.

As excited as I am to finally have a baby, to fulfill a wish we have had our entire marriage, a small part of me is going to miss “us.”

Most of our friends who have kids had them pretty early on in their marriages. We obviously didn’t. We’ve had a really long time to establish the “usness” of us.

After tomorrow, we will no longer be the most important people in each other’s lives. I won’t be his #1 girl anymore.

And while I am very excited and happy for the new chapter that is starting, I just wanted to take a minute to acknowledge the one that is closing.

Onward and upward.


About llipps

New mom, infertility survivor, marketer, wife, daughter and friend. I struggle to find the balance between being all things to all people and being happy with who I am. I love meeting new people, telling my stories, and hearing yours.
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